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Richtech Robotics Launches Elevator-Enabled Medbot: A Revolutionary Robot to Improve Healthcare Facility Efficiency

Our Mission

Bringing people together by automating the tasks that keep them apart

By harnessing the power of collaborative robotic solutions, Richtech is redefining the service industry landscape. Our mission is to drive a revolutionary automation of tasks, enhancing customer experiences, and enabling businesses to unlock their full potential.

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Our Vision

A more fulfilling, personal, and productive service industry.

Our vision is to pioneer a harmonious future for the service industry, where humans and robots work in tandem to eliminate barriers created by menial tasks, thus bringing businesses and customers closer together. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge automation, we aspire to create a landscape of enhanced interactions, efficiency, and innovation, propelling the service industry toward unparalleled levels of excellence and satisfaction.


“At Richtech Robotics, we are leading the transformation of service industry workforces through seamless collaborative robotic integration. Our commitment to innovation and responsible automation creates synergies that empower human workers, increase productivity, enhance safety, and elevate job satisfaction. Our growing platform of robots will continue to power growth in a world where human-machine partnership is the key to lasting success.”

Matt Casella